Talk: with associate professor Wojciech Małolepszy/ phd Daniel Zieliński

professor Wojciech Małolepszy

Specialized in design of medical equipment, electronical devices, household appliances and plastic goods. Since 1980 associated with the Design Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He also teaches at Architecture Faculty of University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. As the winner of many designer prices, he appreciates Dobry Wzór issued by the Industrial Design Institute most. Since 2001 he leads Novo Project Studio.

Doctor Daniel Zieliński

Product Designer specialized in electronical devices design. He works at the Faculty of Design in the Academy of fine Arts in Warsaw, as well as independent designer and artist. In the late twentieth century he founded fictional institution OBMS – One-man Art Media Research Centre. Objects created within this project serve as research tools for workshop based problems in art rooted in contemporary culture.